We’ve been in the hotel business for a while and saw the huge need for fun places to go in Sri Lanka that are off-beat and don’t take themselves too seriously but still deliver amazing, unforgettable experiences to visitors.

Our team takes fun seriously, and we work hard so we can play hard – and so you can play hard too. The interiors are all exclusively designed by award winning conceptual & interior designer Lalin Jinesena, known for other awesome locations like our sister hotels in the Casa  Colombo Collection.

We believe in getting the basics right, which is why we spend time training our team thoroughly on all aspects of the business. But most of all, we teach them (and remind ourselves) that true hospitality comes from the heart.

Our locations have that special something, a je ne sais quoi, because we put so much of ourselves into them. Sri Lanka is a gem of incredible beauty and many facets, and with each hotel, we would like to reveal another aspect, and to share with the world the treasure that we call home.